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Tweco Welding MIG Gun Nozzle Bore Size 12.7 mm - 1210-1112



Tweco MIG Gun Welding Nozzle Bore Size 12.7 mm - 1210-1112
Standard Welding Nozzle, Flush Self Insulated Tip, Use with Gun Number 4PE91, 4PE92, Bore Size 1/2 In, Bore Size 12.7 mm

welding nozzles, insulators, MIG Guns, welding cords, welding ground clamps

Tweco Welding was founded in 1936 by the idea that improved ground connections would result in improved quality welds.  In 1938,  electrode holders were added to the Tweco Welding product line.   World War II created a huge demand for arc welding and for Tweco welding equipment. The product line was expanded to include new metal arc holders and a new line of carbon arc holders. Cable connectors with a "quick-connect" type feature were introduced. During the 1940's, Tweco adopted the slogan "If it goes on the end of a welding cable, Tweco makes it." In 1968, Tweco developed the first MIG gun that it felt matched the quality of the Tweco product line. The new Mig gun was introduced to the world at the 1969 AWS Welding Show. Spurred by the success of the new MIG gun and the coaxial Cablehoz, Tweco emerged as an industry welding equipment leader. Tweco has now produced more than two million MIG guns and is the industry leader in the production of MIG guns and cable, manual arc welding electrode holders, and accessories. The Tweco line includes an extensive array of products from the basic manual welding tools and accessories to MIG guns, consumables, and a complete selection of products for precision robotic welding applications. Buy Tweco Welding Equipment.

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